AICO Furniture for Home Design and Improvement

The choice of the architectural theme you choose for your dream home is as important as the types and makes of furniture you will bring into it.  This truism applies to new home design as much as it does to home improvement.  All the pieces of furniture that will form the interiors of your home, whether newly built or merely put through renovation, should reflect the character of the overall exterior design.

So if your home design is Mediterranean, the furnishings in every room should reflect the Mediterranean style.  An English Tudor or Georgian home should house period-style chairs, tables, moldings and other decorative designs inside to accentuate the exterior treatment.  Also, a contemporary style home should have the abstract-design furniture that speaks of ultra-modernism. 
This means that architecture should go hand in hand with furnishing to make home design and improvement a worthy undertaking. It’s about harmony between the exterior and interior designs of your home.

When doing home improvement, bear in mind that your home is your castle where you will want to dwell in personal comfort and complete harmony with the surrounding realities. Towards this end, the entire home furnishings and interior design must be in full harmony with your inner world.   

Modern or contemporary furniture designs are the latest trend in home design and improvement. They sport a variety of design and styles that will suit any architectural theme of your home, as well as addressing common household concerns such as convenience, comfort, and space.

Creative minds at AICO Furniture, the leading furniture manufacturer-dealer in America, have come up with cost-effective modern furniture designs that maximize use without compromising overall comfort.  For example, you can do away with bulky living room furniture and go for the modern design. There is a sectional sofa that utilizes different sections to create a single family sofa, or can be divided that will suit different needs and functions.

Some modern furniture styles were designed to use less space than the conventional ones, such as the ceiling-type beds that sports an elevator-like design that can be pulled down from the ceiling when needed, and pushed up when not. There are assortments of styles to choose from, and only your budget and creativity can limit your capacity in giving your home an elegant makeover.

Make sure that you invest in quality where it counts, and scrimp and pinch only in the areas that will not affect your day-to-day life. Remember to first obtain the furniture that you need to live in your house comfortably, and then build on your furniture and decor later at your own pace.

Customers can plan their home design or home improvement around the innovative furniture creations Michael Amini of Aico Furniture Collection.  These include such furniture collections as Chateau Beauvais, Cortina, Eden, Essex Manor, Excelsior, La Francaise, Lavelle, Monte Carlo, Moulin Rouge, Oppulente, Palais Royale, Paradisio, Romanza, Royal Oak, Torino, Tresor, Trevi, Tuscano, Venetian, Villa Valencia, Villagio, Vizcaya, Wembley Estate, and Windsor Court.  There are accented furniture designs for your living room, dining room and bedroom.

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